Registration Information

The in-person registration for the spring semester will be held on Saturday, January 14, 2023 from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. at Hill Institute, 83 Pine Street, Florence. Classes will begin on January 30.

Go to the Classes for details.

If a person is unable to attend registration, he/she may send someone on his or her behalf. A person may also register after the registration date as long as there is space in the class and the person registers before the second class has been held.

Registration is usually conducted in two or three different parts of the building – a person can register for more than one class while in the same part of the building. If someone wants to register for classes in other parts of the building, he/she is required to exit the building and to go to the back of the other respective line(s). Anyone who wants to register more than one person for the same class is required to go to the back of the line for each additional registration.

In the fall, registration will be conducted outside. Students who wish to register for more than one class taught by different instructors will need to stand in each respective instructor’s line in order to register.

Students must be 18 years or older to register for the adult classes. All classes are adult classes unless the class name and/or accompanying information indicate that the class is for youths and/or teens.

Course fees are to be paid upon registration. Payment must be in the form of cash or check only. If a person is signing up for more than one class and is paying by check, it is preferred that the person write a separate check for each class.

Tuition rates are subject to change without notice prior to Registration.

Class dates and times are subject to change.

Some classes have limited space available.

All courses are governed by the Rules and Regulations of Hill Institute. (Copies of the Regulations are available on this web site and at registration.)

Hill Institute is a private school serving the public regardless of race, color or creed.