Registration Information

Registration for the Spring 2024 semester begins with the in-person registration on Saturday, January 13 from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. at Hill Institute, 83 Pine Street, Florence. Classes will begin on January 29.

Go to the Classes for the list of classes being offered.

When you arrive on January 13, look for the Hill staff who are distributing tickets. They will ask you which class you are interested in taking, and if there is a space still available they will give you a ticket which is redeemable until 10 a.m. If there are 8 spaces available in a specific class, they will start the day with 8 tickets. Once they have distributed all 8 tickets, they can advise people that there are already enough people in line who intend to sign up for the class. This gives people an opportunity to consider other class options and keeps them from waiting in line for a class that is likely going to be filled by others already in line. The instructors will register only people with tickets from 8:30 to 10 a.m. Sometimes people take tickets for several classes, and they are unable to register for all of them by 10 a.m. This opens up an opportunity for people without tickets to register for classes that still have spaces. (Registration ends at 10:30 a.m. on January 13.)

Due to the popularity of our classes, it has become necessary to implement a One Ticket Per Class Per Person Policy. This means that a person may take one ticket for each class (as long as tickets are still available), but no one may take more than one ticket per class.

If a person is unable to attend registration, they may send someone (a proxy) on their behalf. Please be aware that the proxy is unable to register both the other person and  themselves for the same class due to the One Ticket Per Class Per Person Policy. A person may also register after January 13 as long as there is space and registration for the semester has not yet closed. For 7- to 15-week adult classes, one must register before the second class meeting. For the 5-week adult classes, 1-day adult workshops, and youth/teen classes, spring registration closes on February 9.

In the spring, registration is usually conducted in two different parts of the building – woodworking in the former kindergarten and all other classes in the First-Floor Classroom (this plan is subject to change). A person can register for more than one class while in the same part of the building. If someone wants to register for classes in another part of the building, they are required to exit the building and to go to the back of the other respective line(s).

Students must be 18 years or older to register for the adult classes and workshops. All classes and workshops are for adults unless the class name and/or accompanying information indicate that the class is for youths and/or teens.

Tuition fees are to be paid upon registration. Payment must be in the form of cash or check only. If a person is signing up for more than one class and is paying by check, it is preferred that the person write a separate check for each class.

Tuition rates are subject to change without notice prior to Registration.

Supplies are not included in the tuition fees unless it is otherwise noted.

Class dates and times are subject to change.

Some classes have limited space available. (Please be aware that students from the Fall semester are permitted to preregister for the same class for the Spring semester. The preregistration period ended in November. This is the reason some classes are listed as FULL.)

All courses are governed by the Rules and Regulations of Hill Institute. (Copies of the Regulations are available on this web site and at registration.)

Hill Institute is a private school serving the public regardless of race, color or creed.