Painting: Acrylic or Oil (All Levels)

  • Dates: Friday, 11:15-1:15pm, 10 Weeks
  • Tuition: $90
  • Instructor: Don Smith

“When you work you learn something about what you are doing and you develop habits and procedures out of what you’re doing.” Jasper Johns

Painting is a process that requires practicing productive habits and procedures. Each week, we will expand on our process one step at a time and the results will follow.

“Basic Painting” follows nicely with the “Drawing and Painting” course, but also works independently on its own. This course will also explore the individual aspects, both benefits and challenges, of oils and acrylics. Although the application of each requires different techniques, the fundamentals of painting remain the same.

Color theory will be covered to show how color relationships, contrasts, and harmonies work to make paintings more visually dynamic and realistic. Hands-on exercises, examples from master works, presentations, and group participation will be used to support the lessons. But mostly, lessons will be individualized so each of “you learn something about what you are doing and you develop habits and procedures”, that will encourage, and to give you confidence for continued motivation to paint.

For experienced painters, please  bring along your supplies. I also suggest canvases no smaller than 16×20. New painters can start with a basic set of inexpensive paints and brushes, but I will have a materials list for you prior to class, or you can reach out to me if you have specific interests and we can develop a supply list together.