Don Smith

My name is Don Smith. I was fortunate to have realized my childhood goal by attending the Maryland Institute of College Art and the Hoffberger School of Painting. Even though I was trained in a formal academic setting, my interest in artistic styles are diverse and wide-ranging. My teaching reflects that inclusive appreciation of individual styles. I’m a firm believer that the more you create, the better you become, and that leads to wanting to create more. I see my role as a teacher, being more of a partner to help you recognize and appreciate that every small accomplishment is motivating.

I draw and paint in all media, but portraiture drawing and painting are my primary interests.  I also like experimenting with various media and styles, and enjoy painting landscapes. (Although I’ll confess my favorite experience may have been painting the enormous stage-size backdrops for the Monson Arts Council plays, especially “The Sound of Music”.

I’ve taught at the Springfield Museums since 2004, offering classes in anatomy drawing, portfolio development for college admissions, color theory, and basic and intermediate drawing and painting. I recently developed an interactive on-line drawing course for the museum integrating Zoom and Procreate art studio software. I’ve also served the museum by training docents in art history, artist’s materials and techniques, and color theory.

Previously, I had a career in the machine tool trade, drawing and designing aerospace parts, so art has always been integral in life. My corporate career in management was balanced with a studio in Indian Orchard Mills, which I recently left  in order to work from home, and to dedicate myself to writing a book about the true motivations of art. (Shameless plug!)

Thank you for allowing me to offer my perspectives on art. I always look forward to teaching as each and every student motivates and inspires me, and I can’t wait to see what motivation you have waiting for me in our classes together.