Teen Jewelry Making (Ages 13-17)

  • Dates: Saturday, October 1 and 8 (2 Weeks), 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Tuition: $30 plus $6 for the supply kit
  • Instructor: Carol Graves

Students will learn how to make bead earrings, bracelets and necklaces. A kit will be provided by the instructor for a supply fee of $6; this fee is separate from the tuition and due at the time of registration.

Sandra Haynes

Sandra Haynes started her diary at the age of fifteen. She is currently writing in volume 238. Haynes realized what began as the clichéd teenage emotional dumping ground has evolved into her most prolific artistic medium. She has created more than a hundred handmade books, which she then fills up as part of her own diary keeping practice. Her books are made using the ephemera of her life, especially treasured fabrics including her handwovens, upholstery swatches she designed, and her family’s favorite clothing.

Sandra has an extensive crafts background, including receiving her Master Weaver Certificate from The Hill Institute in 1994, after which she worked in North Carolina textile mills as an upholstery designer. Since returning to New England, book binding has been her main artistic pursuit, but she is also an award winning writer and sculptor. She currently has a studio at Leverett Crafts & Arts.