Program Description

  • Hill Institute offers a tuition-free, half-day and full-day Kindergarten program. Class meets weekdays, September through June. Class begins at 8:30 and ends at 12:00 (or 1:15) for the half-day program and 3:00 for the full-day program.
  • A qualified teacher and an assistant staff the classroom for the school day.
  • School provides a daily snack.
  • Parents are required to provide transportation to and from school.
  • Enrollment is open to all children from Northampton and the surrounding communities.
  • We accommodate children with the facilities we have available. We cannot accommodate children who require on-site special education services such as a school psychologist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist or school nurse.
  • Children must be five years of age by August 31st to enroll.
  • Our facility includes a sunroom and a large enclosed outdoor play yard.

Hill Institute has been on the cutting edge of education since its inception in 1876 as the first free Kindergarten in the United States. Over the years it has progressed to keep in tune with the latest thinking and offers a curriculum that keeps it at the forefront of early childhood education. While still providing a half-day Kindergarten program, the classroom at Hill Institute is a treasure of academic offerings.

We provide an integrated curriculum where reading and writing occur across subjects. Science, mathematics, language arts and social studies are balanced with exploratory play to provide an atmosphere where children grow and learn.

Science and math exploration are at the core of our program and involve continuous hands-on discovery lessons.

Children are exposed to a wide variety of literature. As they develop their literacy skills they take their first steps as readers and writers, writing and illustrating many books throughout the year. An outside specialist comes to Hill Kindergarten weekly and brings with her an extensive expertise in music.

Our Kindergarten provides a dynamic atmosphere with multi-levels of teaching to keep classroom learning moving at a steady pace. In addition to our interactive science-based curriculum we offer smaller class sizes and individualized personal attention.

If you are seeking a program that will give your child the best foundation possible for their continued education, we invite you to consider exploring our historic yet progressive, well-established and respected institution.


Closing Policy