Deborah Rubin

I have been an artist since day one but a teacher only since 2003. And that was at the request of Rich Michelson from RMichelson Gallery. I had never considered teaching but took it upon myself to figure out how to do it. I had many years of art experience that I needed to put into a framework for teaching. After one or two rocky years, I honed my teaching skills and have come to love teaching. When I teach, it is all about the students. When I am in my studio, it is all about me. So, it is a nice balance.

What I love about teaching is seeing what people have within themselves. And everyone has that ability to do art. I work with teaching techniques and the elements of design (color, contrast, line, etc.). Every class is different from the previous one unless I am teaching a “master” class where people bring in their own photos and ideas, and I guide them along. When I am teaching my regular class where I have assignments and everyone works on that assignment, the most fun part of the class is at the end when everyone is finished and work is put up to do a final critique. Every painting is different though the assignment was the same. Students are amazed to see how different they all are. And they are different because we are all different.