Barbara Aiken

Fabric is my medium and my inspiration. I was introduced to quilting and wearable art through sewing. Quilting allowed me to combine the techniques of sewing with the love of color, fabric, texture, and design. Beginning as a traditional quilter 20 years ago, I rapidly moved into contemporary art wall hangings and wearable art clothing. My specialty is to use surface design and manipulate fabric to create interesting line and texture in clothing and wall art with the knowledge of color theory.

I have studied with multiple nationally known quilt artists, and have been awarded several first prizes for my wearable art clothing in various regional quilt shows. I was also the first, featured contemporary fiber artist in hands Across the Valley Quilt Show in 2001. I enjoy the exploration of ideas, taking risks, and experimenting with various piecing techniques while supporting the same in my teaching, through the exciting world of fabric art.