Wool Applique 101

  • Dates: Thursday, 5:00-7:00pm, 10 Weeks
  • Tuition: $90
  • Instructor: Cam Leon

Wool applique is derived from the French verb “appliquer” meaning “to attach” and is the art of securing pieces of felted wool onto a base fabric of either wool or cotton to create wall hangings, table runners, penny rugs, and quilts. The most common method of attaching pieces is with the buttonhole or blanket stitch although other stitches may be used for securing and embellishment.

Applique has been known around the world and used for almost 2,500 years. Penny rugs are believed to have started in the 1800s during the Civil War. During this time, homemakers made decorative mats for tables, mantles and other furniture.

Students will learn how to use freezer paper to transfer designs, basic applique stitches and eventually how to create their own designs to make small projects (such as wall hangings, penny rugs, needle holders, etc.) or larger projects such as table runners, or lap quilts.