Introduction to Spinning

  • Dates: Thursday, 7:15-9:15pm, 10 Weeks
  • Tuition: $90
  • Instructor: Deanna Moore

Spinning fiber from plants and animals into useful threads is one of our most ancient human technologies. The oldest examples of fibers spun into yarn and woven into cloth, for example, date back 100,000 years. And this technology is still relevant today! Yarn and thread are still used to create modern textiles and there is a continued interest in knitting, weaving, and many other textile arts. Many people want to learn to start with the raw materials to spin their own yarn for their textile purposes. All that is needed to get started in spinning is a simple spindle and some fiber.

Over the 10 weeks, this course will provide and deepen students’ understanding of what yarn is, how to use a suspended spindle to make yarn, and how to make the yarn they want based on its intended use.

Homework exercises will be provided for those who desire to strengthen skills between classes.

Initial materials for the course will be provided by the instructor for a fee of approximately $20 to cover the costs of a basic spindle and some fiber. Students who wish to bring their own materials and tools after the initial weeks are welcome to do so.