Furniture Making (Intermediate) – Section 1

For the Furniture Making (Intermediate) Class, students may register for only one of the two sections offered.

Students must have proficiency in the safe operation of basic shop machinery – the table saw, chop saw, drill press, and bandsaw. Students will learn the safe operation of the jointer and thickness planer and learn how to square-up (a.k.a. milling or dressing) rough lumber which is a necessary step for making accurate joinery.

The first project for this class is a table. Project plans for a side table with a drawer will be provided; plans for a coffee table are also available. Students have the option of making the side table with or without the drawer and can make certain design changes such as size (height, width, and/or depth – NOT to exceed a 36” x 48” footprint because of limited shop space), add a shelf (or two), or add stretchers. With this project, students will learn mortise and tenon joinery construction, which is foundational in furniture making. Students who choose to make a table with a drawer will also learn dovetail joinery, giving them a more comprehensive foundation of furniture making knowledge.

Students will learn how to read project plans, generate a cut list, and understand the importance of project planning. In the first class, students will learn how to buy wood to fill the cut list for the project. During the course, we will discuss the properties of wood and the importance of understanding wood movement when designing and making furniture.