Drawing 2

  • Dates: Wednesday, 10:00am-12:30pm, 8 Weeks
  • Tuition: $90
  • Instructor: Stan Stroh


We will continue focusing on learning various approaches to drawing from perception: you will learn how to create rich, evocative drawings.

This class will continue to emphasize where objects are located in comparison to other objects but there will be a slightly greater emphasis on shape and tonal drawing and a further investigation of perspective. One session might be devoted to using other medium for drawing tools, focusing on the “abstract” aspects of line.


Course of Study:

Please note that we will have weekly assignments, to be completed both in and out of class. The list below covers our course content; the exact sequence of the list will be tailored to students enrolled in the course as the semester progresses.

  1. Gesture (movement) and composition: quick and long studies; looking for larger movements within a composition (diagonals, axes).
  2. Relative Observational Measuring: point-to-point drawing.
  3. Shapes: negative and positive.
  4. Tonal Value: tonal modeling and chiaroscuro.
  5. Studies from Masters: compositional structure.
  6. Linear Perspective: volumes and planes.
  7. Thumbnail to finished product: using small sketches as a means toward a greater end.
  8. Collage and drawing techniques
  9. Using effective working methods and improving technical skills