Corticelli Crochet Bag

  • Date: Friday, February 9 (1 Day), 9:00am-3:00pm
  • Tuition: $40
  • Instructor: Linda Daniels

The Corticelli silk mills located in Florence, MA produced some of the finest silk yarn at the time. Along with the  yarn, the designers at the mills published pattern booklets that included directions for creating silk bags. Every decent woman would have several of these bags to carry the necessities of the time and to match the outfit she was wearing.

One of the original booklets was discovered in the attic of the Hill Institute. Linda Daniels was given the book and tasked with re-creating some of the treasures from the booklet. Linda has put together some silk yarn (not, unfortunately , the Corticelli silk) and has worked up samples from the pages of the booklet.

Linda is offering this as a class this spring. Learn to crochet a bag from the past. These newer version are bigger than the originals and are useful as project bags or purses. The language in the directions may need some interpretation but the actual stitches used are easy enough for the beginner.