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Ed O'Brien
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When only five years of age, Ed would draw pictures endlessly with his finger in the condensation on the windows in the living room.  After graduating from Drexel as a mechanical engineer, Ed designed automation machinery and obtained seven U.S. patents.  Since 1988, he has studied with over 14 different artists, art videos and art instruction books; finding it fascinating that there are so many oil painting styles and techniques.  The love of art never diminished and since 1999 his art has been passionately pursued full time.

Ed’s landscape paintings are a blend of some of these styles and techniques:

  • Glazing to obtain color saturation and luminosity
  • Color harmonies to obtain a pleasant overall painting feel
  • Stippled dots of complementary colors (unblended) to produce color vibration in tree leaves, grass, foliage, etc.
  • Impressionistic effects with increased detail at the center of interest.
  • The use of rich strong darks to emphasize the light.  

Gallery Associations:

Lenox Artisans Gallery

Northlight Gallery, Kennebunkport, ME

Art Express, Deerfield, MA

Arts Unlimited, South Hadley, MA

Deerfield Art Gallery, Deerfield, MA

Art Club Associations:

Art on the Mountain, Wilmington, VT

Kent Art Association, Kent ,CT

Williamsburg Paint and Palette Club, Williamsburg, MA

Deerfield Valley Art Association, Deerfield, MA

Hill Institute:

Landscape Painting instructor at the Hill Institute, 2000- to current

83 Pine Street Florence, MA 01062      (413) 584-1725